Creating Everyday Abundance

Geo Junkie creates products and practices to support and empower you to think and live abundantly, manifesting an intentionally rich life, space and environment you love.

Geo Junkie uses the earth’s natural resources, such as crystals, earth and moon, to help you take the fear of not having enough to manifesting the life you want for yourself.

Geo Junkie is home to MoonShine – Living Abundantly by the Moon Cycle, Crystal Cocktail Bar, Earth School, Space & Home Clearing and Abundance Mindset & Manifesting Coaching



A creative and authentic way to practise living intentionally and abundantly by the Moon's phases.

The MoonShine Manifesting online experience and MoonShine Manifesting Stash will inspire you to use the power of the Moon's energy to set daily intentions, take action and stay focussed to manifest success and lead a life you love.

Moonshine will help you raise your default vibration to match the positive frequency of your desired outcome and unlock your limitless potential. 


Creating a space, home and environment to thrive in

Home, business or environment clearing gives your space an energetic facelift!

A space clearing consultation intuitively finds the Geopathic and Geopsychic stress within your home, to eliminate dense blocked and unhelpful energy from your life.

A space clearing can include removing entities, closing or healing earth portals, healing trauma in your home and protecting it from negative external influences. 

After a house clearing, high vibrational intentions are infused into the energy flow throughout your space, making it feel lighter, brighter, calm and more balanced again.


Remove hidden blocks - awaken potential

Mindset Coaching with Kathy, will help you recognise and release hidden limiting beliefs, money & success blocks, or outdated generational patterning, holding you back from living an abundant and purposeful life.

A Theta session will instantly shift blocks and emotions held within your body and mind, and re-wire your neural pathway from one of lack to a new normal of belief, self-confidence and unlimited possibilities. 



Intention Infused + energy aligned to manifest a life you love.

Crystals are a natural amplifier, optimiser and a powerful conduit of energy.  Crystals can assist you to raise your personal vibration and anchor your intentions for manifesting and healing. 

All Geo Junkie Crystal Cocktails contain intuitively chosen, high quality crystals, infused with Reiki and universal source energy and activated with specific intentions to support you in making positive life changes within your environment, space and mindset.

The Geo Junkie Crystal Cocktail will work with your energy field to elevate, focus or direct energies to assist you in your journey to create a life of good health, wellbeing and abundance.


Geo Junkie Practices for everyday abundance

Empowering you with Geo Junkie practices to help you take the fear of not having enough to manifest the life you want for yourself love.

Geo Junkie Earth School features a library of E-books to assist you in using the earth’s natural resources, such as crystals, earth and moon, as a creative, sustainable and authentic way to live abundantly and intentionally 

Geo Junkie aknowledges the traditional custodians of the land and waterways where we do business, the Wulgurukaba and Bindal people.

We honour their stories, culture, traditions and practices, and pay respect to their Elders, past and present.