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A space clearing consultation with Kathy is a personalised experience and uniquely different depending on the house, land, business and environmental energies and intentions you wish to bring in.

Like a person, every home or place holds unique stories and lifetimes of emotions between the energetic layers.

Kathy intuitively connects to your property using an organic blend of all the skills she has and accesses what is required, when required.  Space clearing may include removing dense, stagnant, negative or blocked energy, clearing entities and closing earth portals.  It can also include unpacking the home’s history and story, healing the home from trauma or helping shield the home from negative external influences.

All spaces are left infused with high frequency, positive energy and high vibrational intentions.

Environmental clearing sessions are conducted remotely (like distant reiki) and include a Geo Junkie Home Blessing Box for optimal wellbeing, protection and success.

The effects of a space clearing and healing can be subtle or dramatic depending on what is shifted during the consultation.  Generally, raising your home or environment’s vibration will leave the space feeling lighter, brighter and happier.

A top up session may be required in 12 months.  Effects of the clearing will decrease naturally over time due to outside influences such as EMF, infrastructure services and psychic de bris.  You will intuitively know when your space requires an energetic facelift.