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Kathy founder of Geo Junkie

Kathy is the founder of Geo Junkie and passionate about encouraging and empowering others to live and think abundantly to live a life they love!

Kathy’s breadth of expertise is broad and over the past 25 years she has worked extensively as a leader, manager and strategic marketer.

Holding positions of Property Development Project Director, National Events Marketing Manager, Hotel Marketing Manager, Veterinarian Educator and as a practicing Home & Land Alchemist, Certified Abundance Mindset Coach, Hypnotherapist, Practitioner of Time Line Therapy, Certified Chakra Practitioner, Crystal Consultant, Usui and Tibetan Reiki Master, Kathy knows firsthand how important it is to be personally responsible for the energy you bring and the environment you create, to live an abundant life.

Kathy’s teaching and healing style is grounded, intuitive, logical and hands-on.  Her empowered spiritual practices are delivered with the highest quality and integrity.  There’s a noticeable absence of New Age ‘woo-woo’ here.  It’s simply not Kathy’s style!

As a qualified coach, intuitive educator and energy healer, Kathy enjoys guiding you to let go of the fear that holds you back and empowers you to take personal control of your life to live a life of authenticity, wellbeing and abundance.


House & Space Clearing
House & Space Clearing

Kathy intuitively connects to your property to give your home or space an energetic facelift.  Space clearing may include removing dense, stagnant, negative or blocked energy, clearing entities and closing earth portals. It can also include acknowledging the home’s history and story, healing the home from trauma or helping shield the home from negative external influences.

$300 House & Space Clearing Consultation

Abundance Mindset Coaching
Abundance Mindset Coaching

Abundance Mindset Coaching with Kathy, will help you recognise and release hidden limiting and negative belief blocks around abundance and success, holding you back from living the life you dream of. UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL NOW!

$75 – 30 Minute Mindset Coaching Session