New Beginnings Cocktail

New Beginnings Cocktail

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The New Beginnings Cocktail is infused with the intention of success, belief, prosperity, courage, fulfilment, courage and flow.

Crystals are a natural amplifier, optimiser and a powerful conduit of energy.  Crystals can assist you to raise your personal vibration and anchor your intentions for manifesting and healing. 

All Geo Junkie Crystal Cocktails contain intuitively chosen crystals, infused with Reiki and universal source energy and activated with specific intentions to support you in making positive life changes within your environment, space or mindset.

The Geo Junkie Crystal Cocktail will work with your energy field to absorb, focus or direct energies to assist you in your journey to create a life of wellbeing and abundance.

Geos are a natural resource from Mother Nature therefore every crystal will differ in size, shape, colour and scale. Image is indicative only.